Free diving in

the Red Sea in Eilat

Eilat – is the southern most and the only city located on the shores of the Red Sea in Israel and serves as a port city and tourism central.

The Red Sea is a pilgrimage destination from all over the world. The eternal summer, beautiful beaches, clear sea and spectacular diving sites make the Red Sea beaches a popular tourist destination. At the northern end of the Gulf of the Red Sea lies Eilat. The average depth in the Gulf is 900 meters below sea level and the maximum depth is 1,820 meters below sea level. Geologically, the Gulf of Eilat is part of the Syrian-African rift and hence its depth.

Eilat's sea conditions are the most comfortable you can ask for, with stunning visibility of 1 – 50 meters, breathtaking underwater landscapes, rich coral reefs and underwater sea life. The Red Sea Bay is elongated and narrow, which is why there are no waves and its perfect for freediving just like a real swimming pool!


We invite you to enjoy with us

the amazing natural combination that the city has to offer, a quiet and powerful desert, the Jordan mountains that change colors and rise high, and quiet blue water that cleans us from the inside and the outside.

Apnea Total Freediving Organisation And Education System

Apnea Total is an international freediving organisation that promotes the Apnea Total Freediving Education System and provides certifications that are recognised worldwide. Apnea Total upholds the highest standards of freediving safety, instruction and education and is one of the largest certifying freediving organisations in the world.