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In one breath you experience the sea in its natural form.
In the silence that surrounds you, listening to the rhythm of the heartbeat slowing down.
The body learns to trust the experience and the mind is reminded of what it has always known.
At each stage of the course and in each training session you will be surprised by what you can achieve on a single breath of air.
 most of all you will be surprised by the physical and emotional comfort in which you will discover new depth…


What is Free Diving / APNEA DIVING?

The source of the word Apnea is Greek, meaning "without breath".
Free diving is a dive on a single breath without the use of breathing aids (such as diving tank and breathing system), but sometimes diving equipment such as mask, weights and snorkels are used. The diver inhales fully and holds his breath as long as possible.
Contrary to initial intuition, this sport is actually safer than diving with breathing aids, and you can dive deeper than diving with compressed air tanks.

A natural way to enjoy the beauty of the deep sea

Some people consider free diving an extreme sport, the uniqueness of which is the deep and quiet tranquility that contrasts with all other extreme sports. For others it is a natural way to enjoy the beauty of the depths of the sea without the need for cumbersome, heavy and uncomfortable diving equipment, and there are those who experience free diving as meditation and the connection of body and soul.
Free diving is used as a base for a variety of sports such as Spearfishing, underwater photography, competitive diving and, of course, just a relaxed and enjoyable snorkeling.

Free diving in the Red Sea in Eilat

Eilat – is the southern most and the only city located on the shores of the Red Sea in Israel and serves as a port city and tourism central.

The Red Sea is a pilgrimage destination from all over the world. The eternal summer, beautiful beaches, clear sea and spectacular diving sites make the Red Sea beaches a popular tourist destination. At the northern end of the Gulf of the Red Sea lies Eilat. The average depth in the Gulf is 900 meters below sea level and the maximum depth is 1,820 meters below sea level. Geologically, the Gulf of Eilat is part of the Syrian-African rift and hence its depth.

Eilat's sea conditions are the most comfortable you can ask for, with stunning visibility of 1 – 50 meters, breathtaking underwater landscapes, rich coral reefs and underwater sea life. The Red Sea Bay is elongated and narrow, which is why there are no waves and its perfect for freediving just like a real swimming pool!


We invite you to enjoy with us

the amazing natural combination that the city has to offer, a quiet and powerful desert, the Jordan mountains that change colors and rise high, and quiet blue water that cleans us from the inside and the outside.

Apnea Total Freediving Organisation And Education System

Apnea Total is an international freediving organisation that promotes the Apnea Total Freediving Education System and provides certifications that are recognised worldwide. Apnea Total upholds the highest standards of freediving safety, instruction and education and is one of the largest certifying freediving organisations in the world.

Free diving courses

From Apnea Total International Free Diving Association

* All courses can be started at any time desired by the client (by appointment).

About Us

Adam Hale

Freedive instructor and founder of Freedive Israel.

The sea and the water were always an inseparable part of my life, as a child and my youth as a swimmer I was attracted to the water and the sea with all my heart. After my military service, I flew to travel the  world and stopped at the island of Utila in Honduras, where I lived on a boat and opened a restaurant. After a period I was exposed on the island to the field of freediving at the freedive utila school where I was guided by the diving instructor Ariel Kedmi. From the moment I finished the first course I became addicted to the peace and quiet experienced by the depths and I decided to abandon all my pursuits and be as much as possible underwater.

Over time I progressed from course to course and became a freediving instructor at the apnea total school in Koh Tao, Thailand, where I was trained as a guide and worked for a while. Since then, I've been trying to live and combine the connection to the sea, diving, and training, with depth and development, all of which led me to open the Free Diving School in Israel together with my teacher and friend Ariel Kedmi. I love and respect the sea, it feels natural for me to be one with it and to connect people to  themself throw the sea.

Among other things I am also a scuba diving instructor a yoga instructor and a chef

ariel kedmi

Founder: Freedive Israel, Yogashak Montreal, Blue Chitta

Israeli National Record holder

I fell in love with the sea for the first time when I got to Eilat at the age of 23 as a young diving instructor. After 4 years working, and through the practice of yoga and the art of breathing, the world of freediving was opened to me and I took my first freediving course. the deep connection was immediate. the experience of true silence and stillness, the ability to “fly” under the water, and glide to the depth while maintaining relaxation literally changed my life.

I moved to thailand to train and work with AT and stayed for 2 years.  continuing the freediving path was natural and I kept on training and teaching around the world as part of “blue chitta”. from Eilat to Mozambique and Mexico to the islands of Honduras and Panama (during this time I had the privilege to be part of a safety team in 3 major competitions including the Freediving world championship.

our vision in Freediving Israel is to share with the students the experience of freediving and the connection with the sea and the marine life, in an enjoyable and safe way and to create a community of freedivers.

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