Adam Hale

Co-Founder of Freedive Israel and a freediving instructor

The sea and the water were always an inseparable part of my life, my mother delivered me in to this world in water. as a child and in youth as a swimmer and a spearfisherman (boy) I was attracted to the water and the sea with all my heart. After my military service as a commander in the airborne engineer unit I flew to travel the world and stopped at the island of Utila in Honduras, where I lived on a boat and opened a restaurant. After some time I was exposed on the island to the field of freediving at the school “freedive utila” where I was guided by the diving instructor Ariel Kedmi. From the moment I finished the first course I became addicted to the peace and quiet experienced by the depths and I decided to abandon all my pursuits and be as much as possible underwater.

Over time I progressed from course to course and became a freediving instructor at the apnea total school in Koh Tao, Thailand, where I was trained as a guide and worked for a while. Since then, I love to live and combine the connection to the sea, diving, and training, with depth and development, all of which led me to open the Free Diving School in Eilat, Israel “Freedive Israel” together with my teacher and friend Ariel Kedmi. I love and respect the sea, it feels natural for me to be one with it and to connect people to  themselves through the sea.

“focus your attention on the breathing, calm your mind, relax your body and connect to the ocean and yourself. But don't forget to look after yourself and the environment.”

Among other things I am also a scuba diving instructor a yoga instructor and a vegetarian  chef.

Ariel Kedmi

Founder: Blue Chitta – Freediving and Yoga around the world, Yoga Shak Montreal Freedive Israel
Israeli National Record holder

I fell in love with the sea for the first time when I came to Eilat at the age of 23 as a
young diving instructor. After 4 years working, and through the practice of yoga and
the art of breathing, the world of freediving was opened in front of me and I took my
first freediving course. The deep connection was immediate. Experience of true
silence and stillness, the ability to “fly” under the water, and glide to the depth while maintaining relaxation literally changed my life

I moved to Thailand to devote myself for freediving, and stayed for 2 years
 Continuing the freediving path was natural and I kept on training and teaching
around the world as part of “blue chitta”. From Eilat to Mozambique and Mexico to
the islands of Honduras and Panama (during this time I had the privilege to be part
of a safety team in 3 major competitions including the Freediving world championship

In May 2019 I compete in a freedive competition in the Blue hole in Dahab, Egypt
and broke the Israeli national record for diving with bifins to 73m

our vision in Freedive Israel is to share with the students the experience of freediving
and the connection with the sea and the marine life, in an enjoyable and safe way
and to create a community of freedivers who devoted for safe training and marine conservation

"Depth is not the target, depth is a byproduct of comfort relaxation and connection to one's self"

Gabrielle Gq

The co-founder of Blue Chitta and Yoga Shak Montreal

She is a freediving instructor and a very talented underwater photographer. She has been teaching yoga for as long as she can remember! She specializes in the teachings of pranayama, vinyasa and yoga for freedivers. She was always a mermaid but she started teaching freediving in Mozambique in 2014 and kept traveling the world doing what she loves ever since. Through Blue_Chitta, she organizes transformational Yoga and Freediving Courses and Retreats in Bali, Dahab and Montreal. She travels a lot but always comes back to Eilat at Freedive Israel where she loves to take underwater photos and share her passion for the ocean.

She will tell you all about your chakras, the importance of bandhas, she will lead you through deep meditation journeys but also powerful vinyasa flows, she will make you breathe in ways you never even imagined, she will make you realize your limitless potential both as a freediver and as a human being!