What is Free Diving

The source of the word Apnea is Greek, meaning "without breath".
Free diving is a one-breath dive without the use of breathing aids (such as a diving tank and breathing system), but sometimes diving equipment such as mask, weights and snorkels are used. The diver inhales fully and holds his breath as long as possible.
Contrary to initial intuition, this sport is safer than diving with breathing aids, and you can dive deeper than diving with compressed air tanks.

A natural way to enjoy the beauty of the deep sea

Some people consider free diving an extreme sport, the uniqueness of which is the deep and quiet tranquility that contrasts with all other extreme sports. For others it is a natural way to enjoy the beauty of the depths of the sea without the need for cumbersome, heavy and uncomfortable diving equipment, and there are those who experience free diving as meditation and the connection of body and soul.
Free diving is used as a base for a variety of sports such as Spearfishing, underwater photography, competitive diving and, of course, just a relaxed and enjoyable snorkeling.