Dahab Team

Meet our dream team for this retreat! All of them are certified yoga teachers and freedivers with a lot of passion and knowledge to share!

Ariel Kedmi Co-Founder of Blue Chitta and Freedive Israel, he is your master trainer, your deep freediving coach and your ashtanga instructor! He is also qualified to teach all courses from beginner to instructor course!

Gabrielle Gq co-founder of Blue Chitta and Yoga Shak Montreal, she is your empowered women freediving instructor, your professional photographer and your pranayama, vinyasa & apnea yoga teacher!

Yarden Achrak is a miracle alive, when she  smiles the whole world shines! She is your freedive yoga specialist and your freediving buddy if you are already a certified freediver !

Adam Hale  Co-founder of Freedive Israel, he is your underwater ninja, freediving instructor, always ready for an adventure and this man knows the desert and the sea better than the bedouins themselves!