Freediving & Yoga Retreat

Freediving & Yoga Retreat

What is so special about Sinai?
Apart from the unique atmosphere of the place, Sinai is known for its beautiful beaches and spectacular coral reefs. At almost every point you enter Snorkel you will find an amazing reef – during the retreat we will take you to some of the most equal places, so get ready!

The most famous dive site – Dahab’s Blue Hole
a vertical hole, at a depth 130m’, in the coral reef that stretches along the coast.
Between the hole and the open sea separates a vertical wall that ends in an arc at a depth of 56 meters below sea level where the hole connects to the outer coral wall.
Because the hole is “fenced” in coral walls, the conditions for diving are just perfect, with no currents and waves, which creates optimal conditions for free diving – and the spectacle itself is spectacular!
Freedivers from all over the world come to this site to practice and compete in freediving.

What about accommodation?
We will stay in the town of Dahab – a magical beach town located about 6 kilometers from the blue hole.
In the town there are colorful markets, a fruit & vegetable market in flavors you have never tasted (the mango!), many restaurants, and of course stunning beaches and insane dive sites.

How much does it cost?

Preliminary prices until 03/27:

  • 2800₪ per person for a room with 2 single beds
  • 3200₪ per person for a room with a double bed
  • *2700₪ for a couple sharing a double bed

Full prices from 28/03:

  • 3100₪ per person for a room with 2 single beds
  • 3500₪ per person for a room with a double bed
  • 3000₪ for a couple sharing a double bed

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Freediving & Yoga Retreat Structure

  • 8:00 Meet at Freedive Israel for equipment distribution
  • 9:00 Cross the land border to Sinai + drive from the border to Dahab
  • 12:30 Arrival and division into rooms + welcome snacks and settlement
  • 15:00 Pressure comparison workshop
  • 17:30 Wellcome Yoga
  • 19:00 Group and festive dinner
Things You Should Know
Border crossing fee, Corona health fee (new – on the Egyptian side), transportation, accommodation in an amazing villa complex on the beach, yoga and pranayama classes every morning, breakfasts – smoothies, a focused water session every day at the most equal dive sites in Sinai, including the blue hole , Enrichment workshops on proper technique and pressure comparison, yoga classes for free divers every evening, pressure comparison workshop, WIm Hof workshop, pan snorkels and a photo session, videos from your dives, professional stills for an additional fee for those interested * And lots of other surprises that we will leave as surprises!

Please note!

  • The price does not include freediving equipment, the price of renting full equipment plus 60₪ per day
  • The retreat is for certified freedivers only who have a certification
  • Existence of the retreat is conditional on at least 5 registrants

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