Master Freediver

Master Freediver

An intensive course in which we will go through a process, practice and learn for about five weeks in order to maximize the potential that exists in us as freedivers.
We will take a break from our normal daily lives and focus solely on free diving: we will train right, eat right, sleep right, and all this will improve our comfort and technique as free divers and become amateurs and professionals in everything related to the field.
With all this we will discover and break new records.

The “Masters Course” is a unique and one of a kind program in Israel.
With the close guidance of the master instructors at Freedive Israel, a training program will be tailored to the needs of each freediver specific to bring the diver to the highest level according to his personal abilities.

We will be proficient in various techniques and in all styles of free diving (except No limits) and we will acquire extensive and in-depth knowledge in the field of free diving as a way of life .
This course is suitable for any diver who has completed the ADVANCED FREEDIVER course (or any equivalent course from another international freediving organization), whether he wants to continue an instructors course and work in the field or he wants to join the competitive side of the field, or like most of our trainees who just fell in love At sea and want to be more professional and experience every diving site in full without any need for equipment and live the world of free diving at all levels: training, nutrition, breathing, exercise.

Upon completion of the Master Freediver course the diver will receive an international certification and a personal email with internet access to all the material learned in the course in order to preserve the knowledge.

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Course Structure

The course is divided into “wet days” and “dry days”. Each week there will be 4 wet days where we will dive and work in the water on technique, different styles in freediving, comparing rescue pressures and more.
On a dry day there will be dry theory / practice classes and one day a week will be day-off for rest.
In addition, every morning the masters begin a morning routine designed to improve their abilities.

Daily morning training:

A daily routine that will be upgraded once a week according to the progress of each diver that includes:

  • Stretching
  • Breathing / Pranayama exercises
  • Exercises to increase lung volume
  • Chest flexibility exercises
  • Stress comparison training
  • CO2 endurance
  • Lactic acids
  • meditation
  • VTO exercises (voluntary tubal opening)
  • Mental exercises
Things you should know
Apnea Total Advanced Freediver certification or equivalent certificate from another freediving organization.
Minimum Age
15 and up
What's include?
personal professional guidance from the founders of Freedive Israel – Adam and Ariel, insurance, certification, study material, shirt, EQ TOOL, transportation to the dive sites and photography of your stills and video from the course!
  • Each master must be equipped with his own personal equipment
  • It is possible to do the first two weeks of the course and finish it in the future (half course).​
  • If needed to complete an ADV course -  900 nis will be added (including STA day)


6500₪ middle of the week

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