Freedive Israel

A unique freediving and yoga school in Eilat that provides a complete experience for freedivers at all levels

We believe that every new experience in life requires the best learning conditions.

Freediving is a sport that requires focus, relaxation, coordination, and practice.

This is why after diving all over the world, we chose to open our FREEDIVING school in the bay of the red sea in the city of EILAT.

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What is Apnea Diving?

The word apnea is derived from Greek, meaning “breathless”.

Freediving is diving on a single breath without any use of breathing aids (such as diving tank and a breathing system) however, diving equipment such as a mask, weights and snorkel are usually used. The diver inhales air full of his lungs and diving for depth, time or working under the water.

Contrary to what you might think, freediving is safer than scuba diving, and one can dive to great depth after a few days of training.

A natural way to enjoy the beauty of the depths of the sea

Some people consider freediving an extreme sport whose uniqueness is the deep serenity and tranquility that contrasts with all other types of extreme sports. For others it is a natural way to enjoy the beauty of the depths of the sea without any need for heavy and uncomfortable diving equipment, and some experience freediving as meditation and connection to body and mind.

Freediving serves as a basis for a variety of sports such as spearfishing, surfing underwater photography, competitive diving and of course just plain relaxed and fun snorkeling.

קורס מדריכים

Who are we?

Freedive Israel
Freediving club in Eilat

At Freedive Israel – Eilat, we believe freediving is much more than a sport.

Freediving is a way of life and a way to discover who we really are.

After experiencing freediving on all levels around the world, learning, teaching, participating in the highest level competitions as safety divers and competitors, absorbing all the knowledge. We decided that it will be so much better if we can share this amazing experience with as many people as possible.

Our vision is to develop a professional supportive freediving community and to create a platform for all to thrive.

we teach freediving from the belief that:

  • Anyone Can Freedive
    (practice, relaxation and determination are the key to success)

  • Depth and dive time are not the goal
    a byproduct of comfort and relaxation (the looser, the deeper we go)

  • Freediving is fun
    and enjoyable sport, as long as we remember to keep ourselves and our ocean & environment safe

  • Freediving is healing our body & soul
    be gentle and give-in to the ocean, because water is a conductive substance, let them guide you and discover a wonderful world.

  • Sharing and preserving knowledge
    because we are all together a great and happy family of freedivers

For this reason we chose to  teach the Apnea Total education system. An international freediving organization that believes that freediving isn’t all about depth but about self exploration and learning about oneself and the environment.

FREEDIVE ISRAEL is dedicated to develop YOU as a freediver and to push forward freediving education in Israel in a way that combines an holistic lifestyle, yoga, meditation, sport, nutrition and more.

Why Choose Us?

Unique & Personal Freediving Experience

Freedive Israel is located in a beautiful and quiet Villa in the best neighborhood in Eilat and it’s designed completely for freediving, yoga, and holistic and healthy lifestyle.

In the freediving school, you’ll find a comfortable air-cond yoga studio and classes, coffee and tea corner, a swimming pool, hot showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms.

We are offering freediving courses and coached dives from shore or from a boat, yoga classes, ice baths, and breathing workshops

We are the ONLY freediving school in Israel that has all the facilities that will make your experience the most enjoyable and amazing you can think of.

Join us and explore the amazing & natural combination Eilat has to offer!

The quiet and powerful desert, The stunning Jordan mountains that change colors by the hour of the day, and the calm crystal-clear blue water that cleanses us from the inside & the outside.

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If you got any questions, or you want to let us know you're on your way, or if you just want to say hi

What do you get from us?

Maximum of 3 students per instructor – the best teaching ratio, we believe in keeping it small  so you’ll get the most attention from your instructor.

the instructor will follow you the entire dive – all the way down and back up, correct your technique and give you instructions and tips to follow.

Every student gets a professional freediving set that includes specialized freediving fins, a low volume mask, silicon weight belt, a carrying bag for all the gear, and a poncho. You’ll feel the most comfortable in the water and after the dive.

Transportation from our freediving school to the dive sites and back

videos from your dives and an option for a professional photographer to capture your special moments under the water

world-recognized certification from APEA TOTAL freediving organization

Review all of what you learned in the course

Only the best instructors, equipment & experience for our students

A place to grow and evolve as a freediver and a human being in the fast-growing freediving and breathers community in Israel and all around the world.

Freediving Courses by

Apnea Total

an international freediving organization that promotes the world’s leading freediving education system.
Founded in 2004 on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand, and ever since, dozens of freediving schools have been established around the world that teach Apnea Total Courses.

Intro to Freediving

The first day of the full Freediver course – Max depth of 12 Meters

freediver course

The freediver course designed for people with or without previous experience in water who want to open a door to the depths of the water world in a natural fun and safe way.

Advanced Course

An advanced course for both beginner and experienced divers, designed for raise the freediver to the highest level. ​

Master Freediver

An intensive course lasting between 4-5 weeks. The course brings the diver to his highest level according to the abilities of each diver.

Freediving Instructor

A professional training course that certifies divers with a “Master Freediver” certification to freediving instructors

Freediving courses & certificates by top organizations:

Apnea Total

Certified Freedivers?
Join Us for Freediving!

Coaching Session

Train after the course

Suitable for divers who want to improve a certain skill or reach a new depth guided by freediving instructor
Learn More

Fun Dives

Fun dive is a Safe Dive

Fundives suitable for certified freedivers who perform safety dives and don't need / want instruction but only need a partner for the diving session.
Learn More

Static Apnea Clinic

Hold your breath and indulge in the sensation

We'll learn about the mammalian dive reflex and how to maximize breatholds for 3 minutes with maximum comfort and relaxation, using our mind & breathing with personal guidance.
Learn More


What They have to say

Niro Levy
Niro Levy
קורס צלילה חופשית היה מדהים 🙂 אור מדריך נדיר, הסביר הכל בצורה פשוטה ורגועה ובסבלנות
Lital Timianski
Lital Timianski
מאוד מקצועיים נחמדים וסבלניים. הלוקיישנים לצלילה מעולים ואור היה מדריך מצוין!
בית ספר מעולה ומקום שכיף ללמוד בו. עשיתי את הקורס הבסיסי עם המדריך אור והיה ממש ממש כיף ומרים. הוא היה קשוב, נעים, אכפתי וסופר סופר מקצועי. היינו שלושה אנשים בקבוצה וכל אחד קיבל יחס אישי ותומך בהתאם לרמתו האישית ולצרכיו. מקום מאוד מומלץ אם אתם רוצים ללמוד צלילה חופשית.
Ron Peled
Ron Peled
חבר'ה מקצוענים רוי אלוף כל הכבוד על הסבלנות
Tom Dekel
Tom Dekel
קורס מצוין! חוויה מאוד מלמדת ומעשירה, נותן המון כלים להרגשת נוחות במים והיכרות עם עולם הצלילה החופשית. אור המדריך העביר את החלק התיאורטי בצורה ברורה ונעימה מאוד, נתן יחס אישי מאוד בצלילות עצמן והתאים לכל אחד בקורס תרגולים וצלילות המותאמות לו. ממליץ בחום!
Vsevolod Atmazhitov
Vsevolod Atmazhitov
Замечательное, очень уютное место с замечательными хозяевами инструкторами. Здесь есть всё для занятий фридайвингом и даже больше. Любое оборудование, классы для занятий и упражнений, бассейн, души, раздевалки... комнаты для проживания, милые собачки, виноград, кофе... В общем всё всё всё, и это ещё не всё.
Anat Greenfield
Anat Greenfield
באתי מלאת פחד אבל כולם ככ נחמדים ומקסימים. המקום מגניב והקורס פשוט מדהים. יונה מדריך מטורף ויצאתי עם חוויה לא מהעולם הזה והתמכרות חדשה
bar rosen
bar rosen
אחלה מקום עם אווירה טובה ומדריכים מקצועיים
נועם אטלי
נועם אטלי
קורס מדהים, צוות מדהים, חוויה אדירה
 freedive Israel
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Arrival to the club is by appointment only:
SUN-THU: 8: 30-18: 00
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SATURDAY: 8: 30-12: 00

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