Instructor Course

Instructor Course

Apnea Total’s freediving instructor course is intended for those who have the sport of freediving at heart, and salty sea water flows in the veins of their souls.
The course is especially designed for those who want to teach free diving, and spread the sport around the world safely, and no less importantly, in a methodical way that is both fun and effective.

The instructor course contains intensive study workshops designed to develop the knowledge, information transfer skills and correct learning, and the ability to build effective and professional training, both for trainees and personal training.
In addition, the course practices practical study at sea and the delivery of courses to trainees in small groups, under close supervision and supervision.
The instructor course lasts about 4 weeks, with the prerequisites being participation in the Apana Total and Assisting Masters course for instructors in a basic course and an advanced course.
The theoretical part of the course lasts about two weeks, after which the instructor must teach 2 basic courses and 2 advanced courses at the free diving school in Eilat Freedive Israel – Free diving Israel.
Our goal in the instructors course is to create freediving instructors with high diving and instructional experience, and provide them with all the knowledge and tools needed for coaching and instruction, and for the success of their careers as freediving instructors.

Freedive Israel – Eilat – gives you all the theoretical tools and experience needed so that you can work as a freediving instructor, at Freedive Israel, and in any Apana Total diving school around the world, and even teach independently wherever you want.

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Course Structure

During the first 12 days we will learn how to pass the theoretical part of the basic and advanced course.
We will go over:

  • Methods of teaching a lesson
  • Standing in front of a group
  • Interaction with trainees.
  • time management
  • Principles of proper and safe working in water.

* Unlike other freediving organizations/schools, the instructors course instructor goes through all the lessons and content at the level of their presentation to the trainees,
And the soon to be instructors undergo a personal mentoring of each presentation that they are supposed to give in order to reach the highest level of readiness before they start teaching.

Things you should know
“Master” certificate from Apnea Total or any equivalent certificate from another free diving organization.
Minimum Age
18 and up
What's include?
personal professional guidance from the founders of Freedive Israel – Adam and Ariel, insurance, certification, study material, shirt, EQ TOOL, transportation to the dive sites and photography of your stills and video from the course!


6500₪ middle of the week

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