Freediver Course

Freediver Course

The Freediver course designed to develop theoretical and practical tools for freediving, breathing and safety, and to reveal our own aquatic capabilities that have been dormant in us since our early days as a marine mammal.

During the course we will maximize our freediving experience and confidence under the water with advanced breathing technique, a professional and experienced instructors team and a tailor made education system for each student in the water.

Theory class:
You will learn from our instructors the physiology of freediving, how to align your body and move correctly in the aquatic environment, you will practice equalization and breathing technique, safety and rescue. so you’ll be ready to jump in and start diving.

In the water
you’ll enjoy a ratio of 1:3 instructor students.

this will ensure personal and specific instruction for each student to improve the comfortability and technique under the water.
the instructor will escort the diver the whole dive, from the breathing, all the way down and back up regardless of the depth, this will maximize the safety, the feeling of confidence and will improve your capabilities.

From the moment you receive the certificate you are part of the community of free divers, who can dive and practice in any free diving school around the world.

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Course Structure

Theory Class:

Familiarity with the world of free diving and diving styles.

Familiarity and use of equipment.

Duck Dive – The effective method of entering the water.

Proper footwork, technique of using fins.

Comparison of pressures.

Breathing techniques – 2 parts.

Recovery breathing

Water Session:

Preparation of the equipment.

Practice proper and effective breathing in water.

Duck Dive practice and footwork and fins work.

Practice and improve body guides while diving.

Buoyancy test.

Things you should know
Ability to swim 200 meters with or without fins.
Minimum Age
15 and up
What's include?
The price includes: insurance, certification, study material, full freediving equipment, transportation to the dive sites and videos of your dives from the course!


1000₪ middle of the week
1200₪ on the weekend

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Openning hours

Arrival to the club is by appointment only:
SUN-THU: 8: 30-18: 00
FRIDAY: 8: 30-14: 00
SATURDAY: 8: 30-12: 00

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